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Zanzi Yurman Inspierd - Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet Sophistycats Jewelry SALE This stylish Two toned silver and gold / All silver cuff bracelet is c..
X-Factor Yurman Inspierd - Stainless Steel Cable Wire Cuff Bracelet Sophistycats Jewelry This stylish two toned silver and gold cuff bracelet is class..
Wood Have Thunk Sophistycats Jewelry Vivacious colored beads and dainty wooden accents alternate along a coiled wire to create an earthy infinity wrap..

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Bahamas' newest and effective sales platform is here!  Calling all vendors and businesses to sign up NOW for FREE!  Simply click on the seller panel and register your company to start selling to customers through The Bahamas and countries where there are delivery options available.

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About Us 


Boombay Village Marketplace is The Bahamas’ #1 E-Commerce site to buy and sell products from local vendors.

We provide a secure and modern digital shopping experience by connecting thousands of Bahamian sellers with both local and international shoppers. Our main purpose is to enable economic opportunities for entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and government entities. Our organization believes that the shopping experience in The Bahamas needs to be altered in order to become more consumer-centric so that both the buyer and seller benefit greatly after each transaction.


Boombay Village is developed by a Bahamian technology firm called Hospitality Group Ltd., HGL, and is 100% Bahamian owned.  HGL is solutions-driven and has always assessed the needs and trends of the Bahamas economy to come up with real solutions for entrepreneurs and local businesses.  HGL believes that small and mid-sized entities are the life, blood, and sustainability of our country.

Rated #1 in Digital Solutions in The Bahamas

Well known in the hospitality industry, Hospitality Group was rated #1 in Digital Solutions in The Bahamas.  This rating is due to the fact that HGL has committed to building the service and tourism sectors as they are the only digital marketing and software development firm that specializes in tourism and hospitality.

...the only digital marketing and software development firm that specializes in tourism and hospitality.

As the world changes, HGL is committed to supporting The Bahamas in a monumental way and look forward to receiving a positive response from our community. More information about our services can be found on our website.